Modification of Growth with CAMB





MGCAMB is a variant of CAMB to calculate observables of CMB, WL, galaxy counts and their cross-correlations when gravity gets modified. 

The code is being upgraded now, and it will be available for download very soon. At the mean time, if you need the MGCAMB version compatible with CAMB rather 

than CAMB sources, please visit Alireza Hojjati’s homepage following this link


NEW: A nonlinear version of MGCAMB with a modified version of Halofit is available for download here.  



The compilation/running procedure, and the format of the output are the same of CAMB sources, but note that MGCAMB needs more memory (1.5GB+) . If you want to specify the model, edit the subroutines fderivs and output in equations.f90, and re-compile. 



  1. -CMB, WL, counts auto- and cross-correlation spectra for general effective Newton constant and the ratio of gravitational potentials

  2. -Bugs in Limber approximation part of CAMB sources fixed, see details on cosmocoffee.




































Version history


November 2013


Version history


November 2013

  The nonlinear extension for the f(R) gravity (Hu-Sawicki model) has been implemented in MGCAMB, see more details on the MGHalofit page.  


July 2011

  Version 2 released by my colleague Alireza Hojjati at this link


June 2009

  1. An I/O bug fixed (thanks to Matteo Viel)

  2. A bug related to non-linear matter power spectrum fixed (thanks to Francesco De Bernardis) . Note that this HaloFit based correction may not be accurate in modified gravity. SeearXiv:0902.0618 for more realistic implementation. 


Sep 2008

  1. First version released


If you use the MGCAMB code, please cite the following papers and CAMB sources.


Searching for modified growth patterns with tomographic surveys.

GZ, Levon Pogosian, Alessandra Silvestri and Joel Zylberberg

arXiv: 0809.3791


Testing gravity with CAMB and CosmoMC

Alireza Hojjati, Levon Pogosian, GZ

arXiv: 1106.4543

Bertschinger & Zukin (2008) arXiv:0801.2431
Pogosian & Silvestri (2007),  arXiv.0709.0296
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